The main goal of our company PLS is to make today’s crowded cities more viable by implementing our well-organized public parking management and support system. Handling daily car traffic, either local, or coming from the agglomeration, causes difficulties in almost every big city. The regulations of public parking and other rules are efficient and necessary tools to moderate the congestion of the roads as well as air pollution.

The development of our modern system was helped by our experience of many years, which allows us today to offer, besides the operation of public parking, complex service packages from wheel clamping through vehicle towing, claims management and customer care to individual mobile payment solutions.

We take pride in our experts who have an experience of 90 human years in this sector. Our company is honored to have 43 successful collaborations with district municipalities of the capital and other towns.

The advantage of our modularly developed complex system is that it is easily adaptable to existing systems, so our service package can be chosen and varied according to specific locations.

At the beginning, the development of our 10 year-old mobile parking system, which is based on an award-winning concept, was dedicated to serve the comfort of car drivers. Thanks to the huge success of this solution, over the years the demand for a comfortable payment option arose in other sectors as well. Our mobile payment service, therefore, grew to become an independent business branch and entered sectors such as festival tickets, public transportation tickets, heath fund payment systems as well as other macro and micro payment businesses.